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"Timeless" by The Airborne Toxic Event  

A song written in the aftermath of a rough but inevitable moment by front man Mikel Jolett. We have ALL gone thru. When you miss someone who passed away, don’t you wish we were all timeless and wish you could live forever? I DO

Carlos Reygadas and nine other Latino directors to know


Mexican director Carlos Reygadas won Best Director at Cannes.


The 65th edition of the Cannes Film Festival wrapped on Sunday with one of the strongest line-ups of Latin American films in recent memory. Mexico brought the party to Cannes – literally – with cases of the ancient spirit Mezcal getting seized by authorities at a glitzy party thrown by director Carlos Reygadas. (See also: what is Mezcal?)

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My latest hamburger addiction: Guacamole Chicken Sandwich from Wendys

I have to admit my addiction to junk food, from McDonalds to Jack in the Box (but finally starting my Diet today!!!). So moving forward, I tried yesterday the Guacamole Chicken Sandwich from Wendys, and let me tell you: ITS DELICIOUS!!!! You can actually feel the tenderness of the Chicken and flavor to the avocado. I added some Ranch and Habanero Sauce and it was a delicious meal.

So, just fyi - not going to be posting many stuff on Junk Food and Drinks often, will start with a Juice Cleanser :-)

Check out my friend La Coacha on her latest video “KATY PERRA & RUSSEL BRANDO - THE HUSBAND THAT RUN AWAY’, a HILLARIOUS parody of Katy Perry’s video “The one that run away”. La Coacha is just out of this world: SO MUCH TALENT HERE! Its about time for a big network to hire her, she is sooo creative and fresh. TALENTOSA.